Moving from a Tiny House into a Spacious Three Bedroom Apartment in Edina

A small house and a second child on the way was not going to work. And when I say small, I mean small. It was a tiny one bedroom apartment. Our first child was two now, and she was using the living room as her room When the promotion came, I asked my wife to look for Edina apartments for rent with me. We desperately needed to move. Her pregnancy was going along nicely, and the amazing apartment we found at Cedars of Edina with its included stainless steel refrigerator meant that we would only be moving our furniture. I got helped from my brothers to do the heavy lifting, and my wife’s sisters handled pretty much the rest of the move. My wife was doing great supervising and being told not to lift anything heavy.

Everyone was amazed at the room we had in our three bedroom apartment. One walk-in closet had more closet space than we had in the entire house where we were moving from. However, I am sure we will find a way to fill up the empty spaces with baby stuff with another little on on the way. There is a children’s play area outside, and we have both an outdoor heated pool and an indoor pool here. There are even indoor and outdoor spas. A really neat feature is the underground heated garage. That is a great thing to have for a Minnesota winter.

The quartz countertops in the kitchen are easy to keep clean. We spent a lot of time outdoors this summer with our little girl at the waterfall and koi pond. There is a turtle habitat there also. We like to walk on the nearby nature trails too. This is a fun place to live, and it is very comfortable. I am just happy to have room to turn around without bumping into something.


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