I Started My New Job

I have been working in this sort of thing for some time and so I was able to get this job with the help of someone that I used to work for. At any rate it is a really good job, so long as I am able to make the sales. The employer is the company that is operating the new executive condos complex that they call parc life, there are four towers and some have 15 stories and some have 14 stories. None of them are ready for occupation, but they have a demo unit and they are ready to make some sales. Obviously when you sink a lot of money into this sort of place like this, they really want to start getting some income coming in. That is what I am trying to do, although it has been pretty slow up to this point and I have not made any sales yet.

There are two other salespeople in this place and both of them are really good looking girls. One of them is literally a model, although she says that she has not been making that much money working as a model lately. The other one is probably even better looking than she is and this girl is a real flirt. It is one of those really frustrating things, where you know good and well that the girl is just toying with you. Of course when a girl looks like she does, that is just something that they get to do. In fact I suspect that they hired me in large part because I am a pretty good looking young man. It is pretty obvious that they hired the pretty girls because they think they will be able to wrap a man around their fingers and get them to sign the paper.


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